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Founded in September 1995 this company part with the idea, as the name suggests, to manufacture components for pyrotechnics from biodegradable materials, due to the problems in the sector by the amount of plastics that are scattered on the surface after the shooting .

For estrus started working using only 100% recycled cardboard, with the hope that in the future the European regulations on fireworks, which would prohibit the use of non-biodegradable, was implanted in Spain, since this material is suitable for be extremely biodegradable, which helps to avoid accidents, as the materials that explode in your shot not disappear in a short period of time and thus can not be manipulated by others.

This has not happened, which is why today, we also manufacture plastic products, since we have by our previous activity of a plastics processing service which manufacture some of our items or exclusive items with molds that facilitate our customers .

The technology involved in the manufacture of cardboard products, is the traditional, improved, updated and adapted to new production techniques forming, punching and cutting, as well as to modern production methods.

The ultimate goal of the technology involved, and ultimately that of our company is the ability to replace the plastic materials recycled cardboard with desired performance and quality, also meet future European regulations enforceable.